• air fried pork knuckle

    1 pork knuckle, 1 tbs pepper

    3 tbs vinegar, 3 tbs salt


    1. poke holes on skin with knife or fork 

    2.  rub salt and white pepper all over the knuckle, and massage it a little

    3. brush any kind of vinegar on the skin. this will help to dry up the skin better

    4. put the knuckle (uncovered) in the fridge overnight to dry

    5. put in the air fryer at

    • 195°C for 7 minutes
    • 175°C for 30 minutes
    • 195°C for 5 minutes
  • oyster sauce pork belly

    200 grams pork belly

    2 tbs oyster sauce            

    1 tbs light soya sauce

    some white pepper

    1 tsp sesame oil


    1. slice pork belly into 1 cm thickness

    2. put all ingredients into the bowl and massage the pork belly. marinate for at least 30 minutes or overnight

    3. pan-fry or air-fry the pork belly

    party trick, add flour and 1 egg into the pork and deep-fry it

  • herb and butter pork

    300 grams pork collar

    2 tbs butter

    salt and pepper, dry basil or parsley


    1. season pork collar with salt and pepper, herbs and a little oil

    2. heat up oil in pan till it is smoking

    3. sear pork collar till it gets its colour and lower the heat

    4. add 1 tbs of butter onto the pork collar and let it seep into the meat (make sure that the pan is not too hot)

    5. use a spoon and drizzle the melted butter onto the meat over and again till meat is fully cooked


    as the butter melts, the butter and herb will create the aroma which you continuously drizzle on to the meat to help it absorb all the flavour

  • air-fried meatballs

    300 grams minced meat, 1 egg

    30 grams each of chopped garlic and onions

    1/2 tsp of white pepper, salt and garlic powder


    1. put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix till combined

    2. shape the meatball to your desired size (if you want it bigger, recommend to flatten it slightly)

    3. put it in the air-fryer and set it to

    • 175°C for 7 minutes 
    • 190°C for 10 minutes
  • beer braised ribs

    1 kg spare ribs (whole slab)

    1 yellow onion diced 

    3 cloves garlic chopped 

    100 grams molasses

    100 grams mirin 

    1 bottle of any beer 

    3 sprigs of thyme 

    400 grams glutinous rice 

    600 grams water 

    black pepper and salt to taste 


    1. preheat oven 170°C

    2. sear ribs till brown and set aside 

    3. in the same pot, sweat onion and garlic 

    4. add molasses and cook until thick

    5. deglaze with mirin and reduce till almost dry 

    6. add beer and thyme 

    7. place ribs back into pot and bring to simmer 

    8. once simmering, cover and place into oven for 2.5 to 3 hours or until tender 

    9. remove ribs and pull out bones 

    10. strain liquid and reserve 100 grams, reduce remaining liquid until thick (coats back of spoon) 

    11. in the same pot, add washed glutinous rice, water and reserved liquid

    12. bring to simmer then cover and cook on medium heat for 20 minutes

    13. add deboned ribs on top of rice and glaze with the reduced liquid

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