about us

we began our journey in a humble stall tucked away in the HDB estate. starting out as a family business in 2013 at the dry market, De Meatin' Place is created as a second-generation extension of the business to bring our meats to more people. ​

offering the freshest pork, we work directly with suppliers where each pig is hand-picked. this ensures that we only offer the best quality of pork to our customers. through this process, we are able to tailor our cuts to our customer's preferences with our team of experienced butchers. 

we are proud to bring you De Meatin' Place. a next-day butchery delivery service that aims to bring only the freshest pork to your doorstep. through this platform, we hope to provide you with all the knowledge and purchasing options you need.


orders are processed daily, ordering our pork one day before preparation and delivery to our customers. our supply is regional too, reducing our carbon footprint from transportation and storage.

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