1. where is your pork from? 

our pork is 100% from Sarawak, Malaysia. our pigs are processed locally. 

2. what if I have more requests on top of the options given?

if you do have additional requests, kindly state them in order. 

3. when is the best time to make an order? 

to avoid disappointment, do ensure order is made before 10 pm the day before. 

4. what time do you deliver? 

deliveries are between 1 pm to 5 pm. 

5. what if I missed my delivery?

we will correspond with you after order is placed for the confirmation of time and date of delivery. 

6. when can you deliver? 

we offer next-day delivery, or any available days from Tuesday to Sunday. 

7. do you do refunds? 

unfortunately, we do not do refunds. we would like to advise our customers to check all products upon delivery. should there be any occurrences (e.g. wrong product being delivered), please notify the delivery team. we will make changes. 

8. do you supply to vendors? 

yes, we do! drop us an email.